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BE FREE Let go of stress, clear the past and give yourself space to reconnect and recreate Lets start moving you forward on a path of freedom, happiness, peace and wholeness in a positive and safe way

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your current situation? Is it time to change this for good? Do you want more joy and happiness? Come and join an EasyLife Retreat to connect with others who are striving to clear out similar gunk! Lets work together to lift each other, hold ourselves accountable and make some serious changes.



Are you feeling tired, rundown and un-motivated? Are you feeling unfulfilled in your relationships with no joy or happiness? Are you sick of seeing money come in and then go straight back out? Do you feel like you have lost your passion? We all have life challenges, self judgement, strong inner critics, outdated beliefs and wounds, blocks and traumas that play out for us in the subconscious mind. We all live with a certain degree of automatic programming and this unawareness of the specific problems for us, are where these things plague us the most and cause us to repeat the same cycles and end up with the same results. In this retreat workshop we will be giving you the tools to work with the subconscious / hidden patterns that are currently blocking you from moving into the space of joy and happiness. We will safely and easily guide you on a journey of self discovery and healing. It is our birthright to be happy, empowered, connected and in alignment with our true self, and you will come away with an awareness of what this looks like for you - individually. In this space we want you to consciously choose to uncover the things that are stopping you from living the life you desire. Life was never meant to be hard, we are worthy of an easy, joyful, inspired and loving life.


Christchurch 17 & 18 August 2019

“A life changing journey of self discovery in which I was finally able to look through the fog at my full potential"

Pricing Chart

Book your ticket before Wednesday 3 July to take advantage of our 'Dedicated to Growth' rewarding price. All retreat prices are exclusive of accommodation, airfares and transport to and from Christchurch. Prices shown are in New Zealand dollars.


2 day workshop pass

Finding your Happiness

Come along and join us for two days of personal exploration, connection and discovery.


2 day workshop pass

Dedicated to Growth

Book your ticket before Wednesday 3 July to take advantage of our rewarding price.

Payment Plan

Please enquire today if you would like to know hat payment plan options are available

Bookings for EasyLife Christchurch Retreat and Workshop Close:

Get back to nature

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and recharge in nature. Our venues have been chosen to provide you with the most peaceful environment to make life changes amongst

Changing the way

With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnosis, Sabotage Clearing, Meditation & Kinesiology techniques offered to you, you are sure to come away with a new way of looking at your life and at what is possible

Brave hearts

In order to provide you with the most connected and heartfelt experience we have limited the numbers on our retreat workshops to a small, intimate group of 6 - 10 participants

Lunch on both days provided

There will be lunch provided on both days of the workshop. We will endevour to cater Gluten Free. (*please indicate at time of booking if you have any allergies)


Wellington 21 & 22 September 2019

“Letting you find your own happiness and then giving us the skills to visualise and see results”

Pricing Chart

Book your ticket before Thursday 1 August to take advantage of our 'Dedicated to Growth' rewarding price. All retreat prices are exclusive of accommodation, airfares and transport to and from Wellington. Prices shown are in New Zealand dollars.


2 day workshop pass

Finding your Happiness

Come along and join us for two days of personal exploration, connection and discovery.


2 day workshop pass

Dedicated to Growth

Book your ticket before Thursday 1 August to take advantage of our rewarding price.

Payment Plan

Please enquire today if you would like to know what payment plan options are available

Bookings for EasyLife Wellington Retreat and Workshop Close:

“A chance to truely look at yourself from a angle that you may have overlooked. Positive tools that I feel work in my everyday life. Can't wait to talk to other people about this”

Retreat Facilitators

With a strong passion for empowerment and knowledge, your retreat facilitators are here to push you forward in your life. They are here to create a safe space for you to sit with the things you have been hiding from and to learn to love them. Let’s start re-discovering all the things that light you up; your passions, your strengths and even your weaknesses. Let’s start exceeding your limits

Angel Esvella

Clinical Hypnotherapist , EFT Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Guide and Teacher
"I started on the road of wellness in my early 20s after having my first daughter. I found myself very unwell and this started me off down the path of self-discovery and healing while looking at all areas of health and wellness. I found I was curious about how the body, mind and spirit work together and in 2003 I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & EFT practitioner. I have completed training in various modalities and in 2006 I started running workshops to share the knowledge that I had gained with others. I look at all of my clients as a holistic beings and this has lead to positive and life changing results for them. My passion is to assist others to break through blocks, clear old patterns and beliefs and be free to live the life they desire. With two marriages resulting in 3 beautiful adult daughters and two grandchildren, I have had my challenges along the way and a variety of human experiences, just like anyone. I have learnt to transform these events and experiences to my benefit by using all the powerful tools I have. I got the chance to make a choice to change, my life will never be the same and neither will yours."

Lynska Ramsteijn

Certified EFT Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Adult Learning Facilitator and Speaker
"I chose to embark on my own personal development journey at the age of 19 when I suffered an infection in my spine. I was bed ridden for a few months and really felt like this was a time for a new start, a refresh of everything that had been my life up until that point. Over the years I have continued to self-reflect, to re-evaluate and to look at who I am and where I am heading. This has lead to finding better ways to be me, get the job done and to make my own mark. I am a big picture thinker who loves learning. I have a passion for teaching and bringing ideas to the table. I have found myself in various leadership roles throughout my life, starting at the age of 3 when I became an ‘older sister’. Being the eldest child has brought out my natural desire for responsibility and connection, this has meant that I hold strong values and work from integrity and authenticity. I have pursued many creative fields, and more recently have embarked on the formal training of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This variety has allowed me to develop my creative thinking and apply it to every area of my life. I enjoy being the person who can see how all the dots connect and my desire has always been to use this to assist others in making their lives the best they can be. I hope to guide you out of your comfort zone and into a life that is more fulfilled and full of purpose."

EFT is an easy to use self-help tool that involves both the body and the mind to assist in transforming the way we feel, as well as addressing how our emotions affect us physically. 

By using a series of acupressure points on the head, face, hands and body we ‘tap’ on them to assist in activating our body’s natural energy field and meridian system. We can use EFT to look at past events, to help identify thoughts that can be affecting our experiences in our daily lives and once highlighted we can work to empower ourselves to make changes for the better.

EFT is designed to calm down the emotional part of our brain ( the limbic brain) in times of stress by releasing calming chemicals into the body to combat the “Fight or Flight” response. Our “Fight or Flight” response is kicked into gear by our survival brain (the brain stem) when we are exposed to threats or situations that we perceive as alarming. Often the pressures of our modern day living are causing us to be in this state on an almost permanent basis. EFT can teach us how to calm ourselves down in any situation. 

Research has shown that EFT works to form new neural pathways in the brain, re-wiring old thought patterns and beliefs. EFT is great for dealing with anxiety, trauma, fear, grief, and stress while promoting relaxation, creativity, motivation, confidence and peace within yourself.

Hypnotherapy is a simple technique that consists of varying suggestions or therapy given to you while you are in a state of hypnosis. Clients would best describe hypnosis as an increased level of relaxation, almost like you could fall asleep. Not surprisingly we experience hypnosis often just before we fall asleep and can still be in a hypnotic state when we first wake up in the morning.

Although you will experience a deep state of rest, similar to meditation, you are not trying to clear your mind – instead the therapist works with you to give positive suggestions which you will focus on. This will assist you with achieving your goals through the subconscious.

You are aware and in control at all times while working to re-programme your brain to better control any destructive habits that may be standing in the way of your hopes and goals.

Visualisation works to calm the body while producing images in our mind of the things that we want to achieve, the results we want to create and how we would like to see our life going forward. It can be similar to watching a movie, with you as the star – happy and in love with the life you are leading.

Mediation and Relaxation work to calm down our mind and body and to truely get in touch with who we are, what makes us happy and allows the space to create and relax.

All are powerful tools for attracting the things you want out of life, creating the feeling that you already have them and aligning with the law of attraction.

How will the retreat workshop be run?

On both days we will have the workshops starting at 9am with the day going through to 5pm. We will have time to break during the day and will have lunch together both days. Times are not “fixed’ and tend to change dependent on the day. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnosis, Sabotage Clearing, Meditation and Kinesiology Techniques will aid you in identifying and healing your old behaviours and habits. It is important to dive deep and clear the hurt in order to heal and move forward.

Retreat Preparation

Flights, accommodation and transportation are not included in the cost of EasyLife Retreats. It is the responsibility of the participant to organise this. Air New Zealand flys into both Christchurch and Wellington. There are a variety of rental car agencies that operate from each Airport. 

We recommend you bring comfortable clothes for use during the workshops, warm clothes and walking shoes for any breaks that you may like to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Come with an open mind. Think about the areas that you would like to see change and write them down to bring along with you. For any movement to happen in personal development there can be a need to unsettle ourselves in order to get to the root cause. Be prepared to explore and know that you will be guided in a safe way. 


All prices on the website are shown in $NZD and will be charged as such

Your booking secures your participation on the retreat. Because numbers are limited it does mean that we may have had to turn away other interested parties, therefore in the case of any cancellation by you we are unable to offer a refund of any kind.

We strongly advise participants to take out travel insurance to protect themselves against unexpected changes to their travel plans.

Please send us an enquiry and we can let you know if this is available to you.

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”

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