Our Story

EasyLife was founded by Angel Esvella in 2016 and aimed to show her clients that they were deserving of an easy life full of everything that they enjoyed. To aid in their transformation journey, Angel started off as 'EasyLife Hypnosis' offering Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) services alongside hypnosis and the Virtual Gastric Band technique. In 2018 Angel, together with her daughter Lynska, launched EasyLife Retreats to really make that extra difference in peoples lives. They felt that it was time to encourage that much needed nurturing and change in the lives of over worked, stressed out women and men and for them to show up on a larger platform to share their wisdom.

Our Mission

To allow you to break free of the old belief systems that have been holding you back from living the life you desire and deserve Imagine being able to uncover some of the hurts and stuck beliefs that are stopping you from reaching your full potential. Imagine discovering what that actually is! We know that the human experience is not the most straight forward and we have all had our share of 'struggle'. We aim to guide you through the undoing of this and to encourage you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH and you deserve to reach for the stars! The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and is so often in control of our thoughts, emotions and actions. The tools and techniques that we teach are designed to make a permanent change and empower you to take back control.

Retreat Facilitators

With a strong passion for empowerment and knowledge, your retreat facilitators are here to push you forward in your life. They are here to create a safe space for you to sit with the things you have been hiding from and to learn to love them. Let’s start re-discovering all the things that light you up; your passions, your strengths and even your weaknesses. Let’s start exceeding your limits

Angel Esvella

Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Guide and Teacher
"I started on the road of wellness in my early 20s after having my first daughter. I found myself very unwell and this started me off down the path of self-discovery and healing while looking at all areas of health and wellness. I found I was curious about how the body, mind and spirit work together and in 2003 I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & EFT practitioner. I have completed training in various modalities and in 2006 I started running workshops to share the knowledge that I had gained with others. I look at all of my clients as a holistic beings and this has lead to positive and life changing results for them. My passion is to assist others to break through blocks, clear old patterns and beliefs and be free to live the life they desire. With two marriages resulting in 3 beautiful adult daughters and two grandchildren, I have had my challenges along the way and a variety of human experiences, just like anyone. I have learnt to transform these events and experiences to my benefit by using all the powerful tools I have. I got the chance to make a choice to change, my life will never be the same and neither will yours."

Lynska Ramsteijn

Certified EFT Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Adult Learning Facilitator and Speaker
"I chose to embark on my own personal development journey at the age of 19 when I suffered an infection in my spine. I was bed ridden for a few months and really felt like this was a time for a new start, a refresh of everything that had been my life up until that point. Over the years I have continued to self-reflect, to re-evaluate and to look at who I am and where I am heading. This has lead to finding better ways to be me, get the job done and to make my own mark. I am a big picture thinker who loves learning. I have a passion for teaching and bringing ideas to the table. I have found myself in various leadership roles throughout my life, starting at the age of 3 when I became an ‘older sister’. Being the eldest child has brought out my natural desire for responsibility and connection, this has meant that I hold strong values and work from integrity and authenticity. I have pursued many creative fields, and more recently have embarked on the formal training of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This variety has allowed me to develop my creative thinking and apply it to every area of my life. I enjoy being the person who can see how all the dots connect and my desire has always been to use this to assist others in making their lives the best they can be. I hope to guide you out of your comfort zone and into a life that is more fulfilled and full of purpose."

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