Christchurch 17 & 18 August

Are you feeling tired, rundown and un-motivated?
Are you feeling unfulfilled in your relationships with no joy or happiness?
Are you sick of seeing money come in and then go straight back out?
Do you feel like you have lost your passion?

Your chance

Our lives have become so busy that you could be forgiven for feeling like you have lost the ‘true’ you and sense of self. Often we are walking around in a state of brain fog and overwhelm being reactive rather than proactive. You know that this is not what you are here for and that this is not how life is meant to be lived. We agree. We know that you are meant for bigger things, that the way we live needs to change and ultimately what our world needs now is love and nurturing. How do we do this? Together, through inspired action to work on ourselves. It all starts with us. How much do we value ourselves? How much do we believe that we can change our circumstances and inspire others to do the same? Do you believe that the actions you take can have a huge impact on the world as we know it? Even if you can feel only a small part of yourself agree, embrace it! It is there – wanting to be heard and given the opportunity to grow. We encourage you to bring that piece of yourself that is screaming out for change to this beautiful weekend workshop in Ilam, Christchurch. We will all work together to identify the areas that each of us can enhance, embrace and heal. Whether it be a guided hypnosis, using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) or the connection with other like-minded people that makes your soul sing again we know that it will be an experience like no other. We aim to provide you with tools that are easy, can be implemented on a daily basis and that make permanent changes in your life.

The Venue

"Nestled in trees by the brook, this quiet Creekside haven offers modern comforts through stylish interior design that extends out into multiple unique exterior garden spaces. The gorgeous, simple design indoors is enriched by the surrounding lush, green gardens. The unassuming bungalow sits right next to a smooth flowing stream. The rushing water creates a serene soundtrack for a walk around the extensive gardens or a meal on the patio. Intricate landscape design creates several exquisite merging garden and terrace spaces. They include multiple decks which overlook the stream, a set of stairs which flow brookside and creates a private sanctuary, an open garden next to the creek, a vegetable garden, and a flat lawn. The ornate landscape is decorated with Japanese-style arches and trimmed trees. Each room has a green view of the stunning garden spaces. The large windows make all the rooms bright and sunny."

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Book your ticket before Wednesday 3 July to take advantage of our 'Dedicated to Growth' rewarding price. All retreat prices are exclusive of accommodation, airfares and transport to and from Christchurch. Prices shown are in New Zealand dollars.


2 day workshop pass

Finding your Happiness

Come along and join us for two days of personal exploration, connection and discovery.


2 day workshop pass

Dedicated to Growth

Book your ticket before Wednesday 3 July to take advantage of our rewarding price.

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